China and US reach a consensus no longer impose tariffs, the foundry industry will develops well

On the evening of December 1, local time in Argentina, President Xi Jinping was invited to meet with US President Trump in Buenos Aires and reached an important consensus. The two sides stopped paying customs duties. The international community positively evaluated the first meeting of the China-US dollar and believed that the meeting will point the direction for the development of Sino-US relations and send a positive signal to the world.

The world's major media are competing to report:
William Jones, president of the Washington Branch of the US Global Strategy Information magazine, said that the two sides agreed to resume negotiations on economic and trade issues as a positive step. Although a meeting cannot solve all the problems between the United States and China, the meeting of the heads of state undoubtedly regained positive momentum in the US-China relationship.
Alexei Maslov, director of the Oriental Studies Department of the Russian Higher School of Economics, said that the consensus reached at the first meeting of the US dollar showed that China and the United States are willing to find a solution to the problem through consultation.
Shi Shiwei, a visiting professor at the Free University of Berlin in Germany, said that the important consensus reached by the Chinese and US dollars set the tone for the next two bilateral negotiations, which were to be carried out by the two countries, and set forth the target requirements, which is conducive to the benign interaction between the two countries.
Japanese economist Tian Daixiu said that today's global economy is closely linked and that the interests of the country are enhanced through the application of tariffs. The result is likely to be worth the candle. The first meeting of the US dollar and its positive results are of great significance to the world economy.

As the world's two largest economies, the Chinese and American economies have had a considerable impact on the world economy. The previous trade-off tariffs have already strained the surrounding countries. This time, a consensus can be said that everyone is relieved. The same is true for the Chinese economy, the economy is booming, and all industries benefit.

For the calcined petroleum coke industry, the development of the foundry industry and the demand for raw materials will also increase. The recent supply of Foshan Jitian recarburizer has also become tense. First, the foundry industry has experienced a downturn caused by various factors in the previous period. Recently, This has led to an upward trend. Second, now that China and the United States will shake hands, the demand will increase. At the same time near the end of the year, everyone has the momentum to be ready.

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