Why recarburizer demanded exceeds supply sometimes in China?

Recarburizer for steel making and carbon adding agent for cast iron, as well as some other adding materials are also useful to the carbon adding agent, and the recarburizer belongs to the external steelmaking, iron making and carbon adding material. High quality recarburizer is an essential auxiliary additive for the production of high quality steel products. However, due to various reasons of the market, the supply of carburizing agents is in short supply, and the price is rising. Many buyers can not buy the spot goods, and the suppliers also seize the opportunity to hoard goods and rob them. So what is the reason why carbon carburization is hard to get?

A. The price of pig iron remains high, and scrap iron takes the place of pig iron.

From the price of raw materials, because of the abundant supply of waste steel in the developed countries, the waste steel in China has been deposited more in the society and the price of scrap steel is much lower than the price of raw iron. So in these years, the waste steel and carbon adding agent have been widely used to produce cast iron, that is, "synthetic cast iron". In the process of production, if the process is correct, not only the chemical composition and temperature of the cast iron are easy to be controlled, but also the comprehensive physical properties of the castings can be improved and the production cost of the castings can be reduced. In the process of continuous development and continuous improvement of synthetic cast iron technology, the amount of waste steel added more and more, from the initial small amount of addition, it has now increased to 80%, so the scrap steel has replaced the high price raw iron raw material.

B. As the amount of scrap increases, the recarburizer is in short supply.

EAF melting iron is not a carbon source as cupola. In order to get the qualified carbon content, adding recarburizer is an essential measure. When recarburizer is used in casting, it can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the dosage of pig iron or do not use pig iron. Thus, the production cost of the foundry enterprises is greatly reduced, and the carburant has gradually become one of the required materials for the foundry enterprises, and the resources of the market recarburizer are particularly tense, and a short supply will appear for a long time.

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