What is the use of Graphitized Petroleum Coke?

The emergence of Graphitized Petroleum Coke is a matter of recent years. Although it is not a new product, it belongs to one of the existing graphite materials. Because of its simple survival method and low cost of survival, it has developed a new use.

First, Graphitized Petroleum Coke is the best carbon carburizing agent for smelting. In the steel making industry, good raw materials, including good carburizing agents, must be available for the production of steel, and Graphitized Petroleum Coke is the best carburizing agent. In the absence of graphite fossil oil coke, the cost of the graphite electrode is relatively small and the price is high, which not only increases the cost of steelmaking, but also restricts the development of steel industry. The emergence of Graphitized Petroleum Coke breaks the bottleneck.

China's steel industry is developing rapidly. The output of steel is already the first in the world. In 2011, the output of steel in China was 6.83 million tons and 7.13 million tons in 2012. In the past, in the domestic smelting industry, the low end non Graphitized Petroleum Coke is generally used. With the need of product quality improvement and upgrading, more and more graphite coke will be used in China. Conservative calculation of smelting steel according to 0.05% graphitization coke, the annual dosage is 350 thousand tons.

In recent years, the demand for energy saving and emission reduction is getting higher and higher, and industrial furnaces are developing towards large scale, super large scale and science and technology. Therefore, the performance requirements of large cathode block, large carbon electrode, graphitized electrode and electrode paste for its supporting service are becoming higher and higher. Making large cathode blocks, large carbon electrodes and graphitized electrodes and electrode paste will add more performance graphite (the by-product of graphite electrode).

Graphitized Petroleum Coke can partly replace graphite crushing, and the market demand increases year by year. The cumulative production of graphite and carbon products in China in the 1-12 month of 2012 was 28 million 668 thousand tons, of which 2 million 860 thousand tons of graphite and coke coke were added to the production of graphite and carbon products on an average of 10%. In 2012, the output of graphite electrode produced by graphite in China was 648 thousand tons, and 7% of graphite broken was 45 thousand and 360 tons. The amount of graphite broken is small, the cost is high, the price is high. Therefore, graphite fossil oil coke has good business prospects.

Carbon and graphite production should be used in the fields of military industrial pyrotechnics material stabilizer, light industry pencil core, electric industry carbon brush, electrode of battery industry and catalyst additive in chemical fertilizer industry. Through deep processing, graphitized coke can obtain high purity graphite, lithium ion battery negative electrode material, graphite milk, graphite seal material and composite material, graphite wear additive, graphene and other high-tech products. In conclusion, graphitized petroleum Jiaozuo is the raw material. It has broad uses and prospects.

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