Long-term supply of calcined petroleum coke with various particle size indicators

Foshan Yoshida Casting Materials Co., Ltd. has long-term supply of various particle size indicators of recarburizers, calcined coke recarburizers and graphitized recarburizers. There are various indicators, and the particle size can be selected according to customer needs.

The calcined coke recarburizer is obtained by calcining petroleum coke, also called calcined coke, calcined petroleum coke. The main component is carbon. Its role is to increase carbon as its name suggests. However, the quality of different recarburizers is not the same. The higher the carbon content, the lower the basic impurities (basic impurities refer to ash, volatiles, moisture, etc.). Another one is the sulfur and nitrogen content in the composition. The role of sulfur is basically clear. The inclusion of a certain amount of sulfur in the cast iron can better improve the physical properties of the casting. In recent years, the nitrogen content has also been extensively studied. The nitrogen content is too high, nitrogen holes are generated, the nitrogen content is too low, the hardness of the castings is not high, and the ferrite is much.

The role of the calcined coke recarburizer is for casting cast iron and cast steel. Castings have a requirement for carbon, so the recarburizer is used to increase the carbon content of the molten iron. The common charge in smelting is pig iron, scrap steel, and recycled material. The carbon content of pig iron is high, but the purchase price is higher than that of scrap steel. Therefore, increasing the amount of scrap steel, adding high-quality recarburizer, reducing the amount of pig iron added, saving production costs and meeting the production needs. The recarburizer is slightly different for each batch. You have to be a specific percentage, which is not realistic. Other ingredients are ash, moisture, sulfur, phosphorus and the like.

Graphite recarburizer has high degree of graphitization, low sulfur, low nitrogen, less harmful impurities, very fast dissolution, no absorption, no residue, no floating, no residue, less added; low sulfur and low nitrogen, very graphitized High, very suitable for all (or most) use of shavings, cold-filled materials, briquettes, wire, particle steel as raw materials, smelting vermicular cast iron, ductile iron, gray cast iron. We will provide targeted recarburizers according to the characteristics of different customers' process castings, and it is not expensive to ensure that the products are easy to use!

Scope of application: It is used for carbonization of cast iron and cast iron in various electric furnaces. It is especially suitable for the ball mill cast iron industry with strict requirements on product quality and strict sulfur control. Compared with other types of recarburizers, it has an absolute price advantage. The intermediate frequency furnace of half a ton to 12 tons, the furnace temperature is controlled at about 1500 degrees. The absorption rate can reach up to 93%.

Particle size: 0-2mm, 1-2mm, 0-3mm, 1-3mm, 1-5mm...etc. (can be selected according to customer's needs)

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