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2018.09.02 Weekly Review: China's Recarburizer Calcined Petroleum Coke Market

At this stage, the recarburizing agent is mainly a calcined coal recarburizer (coal), a calcined coke recarburizer (petroleum coke) and a graphitized recarburizer (petroleum coke), and the mainstream is a post-calcined coke recarburizer, individual enterprises. If the quality requirements are good, the graphitized recarburizer will be chosen but the price will be high. This week, the mainstream price of China's carbon refining agent market was stable and the market was trading normally. At the same time, due to strict environmental inspections, the situation in various places is relatively severe.

Among them, the market price of general calcined coal recarburizer is stable, some manufacturers offer a small decrease, mainly due to downstream receiving; the post-calcining coke recarburizer is subject to rising price of raw petroleum coke, and the price of small enterprises is raised, but the mainstream price has not yet appeared; The market price of chemical refining agents is relatively stable. The start-up in Jiangsu has been slightly reduced, the shipments are normal, and the environmental protection pressure is very high. The orders are mainly for the old customers. The anode materials processing enterprises in Qinghai, Lanzhou, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia are more active.

Pu calcined coal recarburizer (coal quality): This week, the overall market price of China's general calcined coal recarburizer has been slightly reduced. Some regions have also increased due to supply and demand. The market is generally trading, and enterprises are mostly implementing old orders and maintaining Old customers are the mainstay. Enterprises in the main producing area of ​​Ningxia are still in the process of rectification of dust-proof equipment, waiting for acceptance.

Calcined coke recarburizer (petroleum coke): This week, the mainstream price of calcined coke recarburizer market remained stable, with individual companies offering slightly higher prices and stable market transactions. Raw materials: The price of domestic medium-high sulfur calcined coke has risen this week, with a concentration of 70-150 yuan/ton. The main reason for the increase in coke price is supply reduction and cost increase. In terms of raw materials, domestic petroleum coke prices are still rising mainly this week. The local refinery coke price has started to fall slightly on Wednesday. On the supply side, the supply of calcined coke in Shandong has decreased this week, mainly due to the impact of environmental supervision. Shandong this week The operating rate of Dongying calcined coke was significantly reduced. Most enterprises cut production by half and one was shut down. The production of calcined coke in other parts of Shandong has not been affected significantly. The fluctuations of calcined coke in Jiangsu and Hebei this week are not significant. Market outlook: It is expected that the market price of domestic medium and high sulfur calcined coke will be stabilized and stabilized next week.

Relevant industry impact: This week, the domestic steel prices went down as a whole. As the snails fell sharply, the market wait-and-see atmosphere was heavier, and the fear of high sentiment spread. In addition, the pressure on merchants at the end of the month was highlighted, and the steel price was ushered back and forth. As the environmental protection policy continues to be high-pressure, the cost end is strongly supported, and the steel mills are still willing to pay a good price. It is expected that the short-term domestic steel prices will stabilize and adjust, and the downward trend will gradually narrow. For the refining agent market, the procurement enthusiasm is relatively slow, and the mainstream transaction price of the common specifications of the calcined coke recarburizer enterprises.

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer (petroleum coke): This week, the price of graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer was stable, the market spot was abundant, and the shipment situation was general. Among them, the production of individual enterprises in Henan and Xinjiang was suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate fell. In addition, the graphitization enterprises of anode materials in the anode market will be put into production in the second half of the year. It is expected that the output will be released one after another, affecting the overall supply of graphitized recarburizer market. The concentration of negative electrode enterprises in Inner Mongolia is high, and the graphitization and recarburizer processing enterprises have also been transferred, and the market concentration has increased. The Jiangsu area is operating normally and the shipments are good. The orders are mainly for the old customers. The anode materials processing enterprises in Qinghai, Lanzhou, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other regions have higher activity and increased production.

The market outlook: the price of the calcined coal recarburizer is stable or slightly decreased. The calcined coke refiner has risen slightly and stabilized. It is mainly affected by the price of raw petroleum coke, and the price of graphitized recarburizer remains stable.

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