180925 China Petroleum Coke Price Market Overview

180925 China's petroleum coke prices are stable and downward, the short-term market petroleum coke prices will continue to be low, and the low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke recarburizer market will slow down this week.

The three major groups of petroleum coke market:
In terms of Sinopec, the price of petroleum coke in its refinery is stable today. Only the prices of petroleum refineries in individual refineries are slightly adjusted. Among them, the price of Huadong Petrochemical is lowered by RMB 20/ton, and the petrochemical of South China is lowered by RMB 50/ton. Stable, the National Day is approaching and near the end of the month, and the recent coking price is still in a downward trend, so Sinopec's refineries are also mainly shipped, the price is stable.

In the case of PetroChina and CNOOC, the price of petroleum coke in the northeast region is stable today. Daqing and Fushun low-sulfur high-quality petroleum coke continue to insured, and prices are expected to fall sharply at the end of the month. The petroleum coke shipments in the northwest region performed well, and the downstream carbon companies received positive products. In the case of CNOOC, Zhoushan Petrochemical Coking Plant started construction today to implement the latest price. Binzhou Zhonghai Bitumen Coking started to be sold tomorrow, and the Shandong Haihua Group coking unit was postponed.

Refining petroleum coke:
Today is the first working day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the price of refining petroleum coke is still “falling down”. Today, Rizhao Yanqiao Port petrochemical coking unit has been out of focus, and shipped according to 3#A. The National Day holiday is approaching, the downstream carbon companies are still enthusiasm for receiving goods, and the refinery shipments are eager. Today, the price of sulfur coke continues to decline. It is expected that the short-term price will continue to stabilize.

Calcined coke market:
Today, the market for calcined coke is stable and the price has not been adjusted. The market price of low-sulfur calcined coke is relatively stable. The performance of low-sulfur calcination coke is general. Some enterprises have obvious inventory. The market price of downstream graphite electrode has risen slightly this week, but the raw materials of enterprises are still purchased on demand, and the environmental protection is further Affected the operating rate is limited. Low-sulfur calcination coke recarburizer market coking is slowing down this week. On the one hand, the downstream purchasing enthusiasm has declined after the price rise. On the other hand, this week, the Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Branch has started a rotary kiln this week. The market share has shifted.

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