Petroleum coke prices remained stable during the 2018 Chinese National Day

Monday (October 8th) today is the first working day after the National Day. According to the understanding of the price of petroleum coke during the National Day, the price remains mainly stable, and the price after the holiday has been adjusted. The price of calcined petroleum coke is slightly raised, and the coke is burnt. The price of recarburizer is temporarily unchanged.

The three major groups of petroleum coke market:
Sinopec, during the National Day, Sinopec's Tahe and Maoming Petrochemical prices have been adjusted, and today, Tahe coke prices continue to increase, it is reported that Tahe petroleum coke cumulative increase of 60 yuan / ton, Maoming petrochemical coke price before the holiday cut significantly 120 yuan / Tons, mainly due to the high price in the previous period, coupled with the price adjustment of the National Day holiday, the current oil coke shipments of the factory are low. The price of petroleum coke in Yanshan Petrochemical Company of North China was lowered by RMB 60/ton today. The factory shipped poorly during the festival and there were fewer transport vehicles. Luoyang Petrochemical's shipment is still acceptable, and the price of Dongming is raised to support its shipment. The price of Tianjin Petrochemical Railway Transportation was raised by RMB 50/ton. The quality of petroleum coke in Anqing Petrochemical was slightly lower due to higher prices in the previous period. The Sinochem Quanzhou coking unit has been shut down during the National Day and there is currently no inventory in the plant.

In the case of PetroChina and CNOOC, Daqing and Fushun Petrochemical in Northeast China began to sell their petroleum coke in October, and the shipment is relatively stable. Liaoyang Petrochemical's price is lowered by 50 yuan/ton today, and the coking unit of the plant is expected to be shut down for one year from mid-October. The commencement of the Liaohe petrochemical coking unit has been postponed and it is expected that products will be available in the middle. The petrochemical coking unit in the northwest region started construction at the end of September. At present, it has been out of focus, and the price is raised by 50 yuan/ton. Wu Petrochemical and Dushanzi Petrochemical petroleum coke shipped well, among which the petrochemical index of Wujiang Petrochemical continued to improve in the near future. The sulfur content was all within 1.0%, and the price of Yumen Petrochemical Petroleum Coke was raised by RMB 50/ton from 10.1.

Refining petroleum coke:
As the first working day after the National Day, the price of refinery petroleum coke has risen in an all-round way, with a concentration of 30-130 yuan/ton. Before the holiday, due to the high cost performance of the refining petroleum coke, the refineries have signed a large number of contracts. At present, most of the refineries have no inventory and the shipments are smooth. In terms of refinery dynamics, Hengbang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. resumed production and still produces projectile coke; Zhenghe Petrochemical Coking Unit was shut down for maintenance on September 30, and petroleum coke has no inventory; Longhai Petrochemical and Qirun Chemical Coking have not yet started.

Calcined petroleum coke recarburizer market:
Today, the market for calcined coke recarburizers is stable, and corporate prices have not been adjusted. During the National Day of PetroChina Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd., the two rotary kiln have been started normally. However, since the refinery coking unit has not been out of focus, the plant is not yet fully loaded. At present, the plant is burning coke recarburizer. The price is maintained before the National Day, and the shipment is acceptable.

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