The high-quality recarburizer generally refers to the process of graphitization after high-temperature treatment. Under the high temperature condition of 3000 °C, the carbon molecular form changes from an irregular arrangement to a hexagonal uniform arrangement. This graphite structure is most easily decomposed in molten iron and steel.

Mainly used to increase the carbon content for metallurgical steelmaking and ductile iron casting.

1) The low-sulfur graphitization recarburizer has a high decomposition rate and a high absorption rate, and can reach more than 90%.
2) High carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen, and extremely harmful components.
3) Adding graphite nucleus to molten steel and molten iron, more uniform and finer distribution in molten steel and molten iron, so that the performance is more excellent and stable.

The graphitized recarburizer is suitable for melting in an induction furnace, but it is not the same depending on the process requirements.
(1) Use low-sulfur graphitization recarburizer in medium-frequency electric furnace smelting, which can be added to the lower part of electric furnace at one time or two to three times according to the ratio or carbon equivalent requirement, and the recovery rate can reach more than 90%;
(2) If the amount of carbon is insufficient to adjust the carbon content, firstly clean the slag in the furnace, add the recarburizer, and heat the iron by electromagnetic stirring or electromagnetic stirring.
(3) Use graphitized recarburizer when tapping, put the recarburizer into the bag, or flush with the flow from the tapping trough, stir well after the molten iron, dissolve and absorb carbon as much as possible, carbon The recovery rate is around 90%.

Package instruction
Usually packing in 25kg/bag, 30Kg/bag or with jumboo bag, and also can be packaged according to customer requirements.

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