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Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co., Ltd. mainly supply the calcined petroleum coke and graphitized petroleum coke, if you want to know the price or any questions about the products , please feel free to contact me via below information:

Contact: Owen Zhang


Mobile: +86 182 1805 1155

Wechat: 182 1805 1155

Whatsapp: +86 182 1805 1155

Tel: 0086-757-85685335

Fax: 0086-757-85685300

Add: Room 329,Zinji City building, Xiaxi, Guicheng, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China



The use of recarburizers, as the name implies, is to increase the content of carbon. Its main purpose is to increase the carbon content lost during the steelmaking process. If…
At this stage, the recarburizing agent is mainly a calcined coal recarburizer (coal), a calcined coke recarburizer (petroleum coke) and a graphitized recarburizer (petroleum coke), and the mainstream is a…
IKD Co., Ltd. was registered with the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Administration on December 8, 2003. The legal representative is Zhang Jiancheng. The company's business scope includes precision aluminum alloy…
The 2018 (10th) China Aluminum Carbon Annual Meeting will be held on September 11-12, 2018 at the Shima Hilton Hotel in Tianjin Eco-City. To all relevant units: The national concept…
Petroleum coke is a by-product of the delayed coking unit's feedstock oil cracking at high temperatures to produce light oil products. It is cheaper than coal and has a higher…
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