Casting material graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer supplied in various sizes

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer mainly contains 0.3% sulfur and 0.05% sulfur. The lower the sulfur content, the higher the price of calcined petroleum coke. The low-sulfur and low-nitrogen total graphitied petroleum coke recarburizer is mainly used for casting material ductile iron. Foshan Jitian recarburizer is mainly supplied to Guangdong and surrounding areas. Due to business development, it will also set up a branch in Chongqing to expand the supply of recarburizers in Chongqing and surrounding areas.

The development of Chongqing's industry has driven the increase in demand for materials. For the foundry industry, the demand for recarburizers is also the same. In 2015, there were 7,747 industrial projects under construction in Chongqing, with a total planned investment of 1.08 trillion yuan. 137 key projects such as Beijing Hyundai and Huike Panel started construction on schedule. The total planned investment is 109.6 billion yuan, and the investment completed during the year was about 34 billion yuan. 122 projects including the first phase of Huachen Xinyuan Fuling Base and Juyuan Stainless Steel were put into operation on schedule. 74 projects including Changan Ford Third Plant, Beiqi Yinxiang Phase I Expansion and Southwest Aluminum 220,000 tons Aluminum Casting were put into production on schedule. The total output value of the production projects reached 154 billion yuan, contributing 53% to the industrial economic growth.

The graphite recarburizers supplied by Yoshida Recarburizer are as follows:

Semi-graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer:
Fixed carbon (FC) /% : ≥98
Sulfur (S) /% : ≤0.3
Moisture (%) /%: ≤0.5
Ash (A)/% : ≤0.8
Volatile (V) /%: ≤0.8
Nitrogen (N) /%: ≤0.2
Particle size Remarks: 0-1mm 0-2mm 0-3mm 0.5-2mm 2-8mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

Fully graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer:
Fixed carbon (FC) /% : ≥98.5
Sulfur (S) /%: ≤0.05
Moisture (Mad) /% : ≤0.5
Ash (A)/%: ≤0.8
Volatile (V) /%: ≤0.8
Nitrogen (N) /%: ≤0.03
Particle size Remarks: 0-2mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

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related information:
Chongqing Foundry is the foremost person in the state-owned company. Chongqing Precision Casting is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of vehicles and vehicle zero parts, electrical appliances, general environmental protection, machine tools, military electronic information, and smelting metal products. It is the first state-owned company listed outside Hong Kong since its direct administration.

The reason for the rapid growth of the foundry mold industry is mainly due to the rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry and the rapid growth of casting mold production. As we all know, casting parts are used in a wide range of applications, almost all industrial fields, in which the casting parts of automobile parts are ranked first in terms of their large quantity, variety, strict requirements, high quality and the use of non-ferrous metal materials. , the largest share of the entire foundry industry.

In recent years, due to the prosperity of industry, there has been a dilemma of electricity shortages throughout the country in the summer, especially in the high-energy consumption industries such as foundry and metallurgy, which have been staged in the hot summer. In order to implement the goal of casting energy saving and consumption reduction proposed in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, we will continue to deepen the structural energy-saving measures such as eliminating backward casting capacity and strictly adding energy-saving assessment of casting projects, increase the promotion of advanced applicable casting energy-saving technologies, and strengthen the foundry industry. And enterprise energy management.

At present, China's automobile and motorcycle industry has entered a period of rapid growth, and its output has grown substantially for many years. It ranks first in the world, especially the car that is closely related to the foundry industry has the fastest growth, and has dramatically increased to complex, large-scale, The demand for precision casting molds has thus become an important support for the foundry industry – the foundry mold industry has achieved unprecedented opportunities for development. It can be predicted that the production of casting molds in China will still gain strong thrust mainly from the domestic automobile industry in the next few years.

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