The use of recarburizers(CPC&GPC) in the steel making and foundry industry

Recarburizers, as the name suggests, are substances that have a carbon-increasing effect. It is believed that friends who have worked in steel mills are no strangers. Recarburizers are additives used to supplement the carbon content of molten steel. In the deoxidation process in the early stage of steel smelting, a large amount of carbon will be removed, and the molten iron will be converted into molten steel. However, in the later stage of smelting, if the amount of carbon in the molten steel is small, it will also affect the steel, so it is necessary to add some recarburizer. To increase the carbon in the molten steel.

As one of the objects of iron and steel manufacturers' purchase, recarburizers have important applications in the process of steel making. First of all, we must start from what is a recarburizer. Carbon reinforcers are the collective name of carbon products, and their main components. It is a carbon element. At present, there are many carbonaceous recarburizers, and the high-quality carbonizing agent has a good graphitization effect. At a certain temperature, the graphite of carbon in the recarburizer can be clearly seen by using a microscope. Form and recarburizer production process are various and have the purpose of enhancing carbon in practical applications.

The main purpose of the recarburizer is to increase the carbon content lost during the steel making process. If the carbon content does not meet the expected requirements during the steel making process, a certain proportion of recarburizer should be added. The main purpose is to raise the molten steel. The carbon content of the material thus smelts the ideal steel.

In fact, if you want to supplement the carbon content in the molten steel, you need to do a strict quality test on the added recarburizer to prevent the introduction of excessive impurities in the recarburizer, thus affecting the quality of the steel. We all know that the recarburizer is added in the later stage of steel smelting, so the determination of the impurity content in the recarburizer cannot be ignored.

The recarburizer has a wide range of uses and can also be used in the foundry industry. In the casting, the recarburizer has the purpose of reducing the gradual cost, and the recarburizer as the casting material can greatly reduce the gradual cost, and the recarburizer has the lubricating use and can be effectively improved. The service life of the castings improves the gradual quality.

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