What advantages of using recarburizer for steel & iron casting?

What is a recarburizer? A recarburizer is an carbon additive for steel & iron casting. In the production of steel, it not only reduces the use of pig iron, but also increases the amount of steel scrap. The recarburizer is an essential carbon raw material for the production of high-quality steel. At the same time, in gray cast iron and ductile iron, the recarburizer also plays a very good role in carbon addition.

What are the advantages of using a recarburizer for steel & iron casting? Everyone knows that when steel is manufactured, castings are prone to various problems. This is not only a waste of financial resources, but also loss of human resources, and finally a waste of resources.

The recarburizing agent is used in casting, which can greatly increase the amount of steel scrap, reduce the use of pig iron or even eliminate the use of pig iron, and greatly reduce the production cost.

The recarburizers are mainly come from coal and petroleum coke. Most of the recarburizers are petroleum coke, and are suitable for electric furnace melting, and a small part of the reheating agent with a particularly fast absorption rate is used for the cupola.

In the feeding mode of electric furnace smelting, the recarburizing agent should be placed together with the charging materials such as scrap steel. The addition of small doses can be added to the surface of the molten iron, but it is necessary to avoid feeding large quantities into the water to prevent excessive oxidation and carbonation. The effect is not obvious and the carbon content of the casting is insufficient.

The amount of recarburizer added depends on the ratio of other raw materials and the carbon content. Different types of castings can be selected according to the needs of different types of recarburizers. Petroleum coke recarburizer can reduce the amount of pig iron. The amount of impurities, the choice of recarburizers can reduce the cost of living from that. For this reason, most manufacturers use petroleum coke recarburizers to reduce production costs.

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