How to use calcined petroleum coke as recarburizer in induction furnace?

About the steel or iron casting materials, there are many kinds of calcined petroleum coke recarburizers. The factory should choose the recarburizer suitable for itself. In addition to the requirements for particle size, the specificaitons are also include the fixed carbon content, sulfur content and nitrogen content.

In the general furnace smelting process, the calcined petroleum coke particle below 0.2mm is very easy to be lost. If it is added later, the loss is more severe. Nowadays, more 1-5mm calcined petroleum coke is used and the effect is also good. However, it is still based on the needs of different manufacturers.

The length of residence time of the recarburizer in the molten iron, the temperature of the molten iron, that make the effect of stirring in the electric furnace are different. The diffusion rate of the recarburizer is related to the concentration of the recarburizer. Therefore, there are many factors that need to be grasped in the process of using a recarburizer, everyone should pay attention.

Correct useing method of calcined petroleum coke recarburizer to increase carbon content in induction furnace

1. Using 5T or more electric furnace, we recommend the dispersion method. According to the requirement of carbon content, according to the ratio of ingredients, the recarburizer and the metal charge are added together with the batch materials to the lower part of the electric furnace, and a layer of metal charge is used as a layer of carbon reinforcer. The carbon absorption rate can reach 90%-95%. The recarburizing agent should not be slag when it is melted, otherwise it will be easily wrapped in the waste residue and affect the absorption of carbon.

2. The use of 3T medium-frequency induction furnace, our carbon-reinforcing agent company recommended to join the method. When melting or remaining a small amount of molten iron in the furnace, add the added carbonizer to the surface of the molten iron at one time, and immediately add the metal charge, and press all the recarburizer into the molten iron to make the recarburizer fully contact with the molten iron, the absorption rate is above 90%.

3. The use of small medium-frequency electric furnace, raw materials with high-carbon materials such as pig iron, we recommend fine-tuning of carbon-reducing agents. After the molten steel/iron water is melted, the carbon content can be adjusted on the surface of the steel/iron water. The vortex stirring or manual stirring of the steel (iron) water in the electric furnace smelting dissolves and absorbs the product, and the carbon absorption rate is about 93%.

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