20190117 Analysis of China Petroleum Coke and Calcined Petroleum Coke Market

20190117 China petroleum coke market continues to be weak in the short term, the price of related calcined coke recarburizer is low, mainly based on volume.

In terms of Sinopec, some high-sulfur coke shipments in East China are still satisfactory. Individual refinery shipments are still normal. The downstream of petroleum coke along the Yangtze River and North China is basically on-demand. The overall downstream market performance is not good, and there is no trade in the petroleum coke market. Good support. On the other hand, as the Spring Festival approached, long-distance transport vehicles decreased, and the coal market price was weak overall in the near future. The number of return vehicles in some areas decreased, which also affected the trading of petroleum coke market.

In the case of CNPC and CNOOC, the trading of low-sulfur petroleum coke in the northeast region is generally performed. The downstream enterprises purchase on demand, and the low-cost coke in the refinery has a significant impact on the market. Secondly, the downstream electrode and the market of recarburizers have led to a decrease in the stocking operations before the market. . The petroleum coke market in the northwest region is affected by the downstream aluminum market and the low-cost coke in the mainland.

Calcined coke market: the recent sulfur content of 1.0% or so burned coke shipments slowed down, the downstream recarburizer market performance was poor, the demand for low sulfur calcined petroleum coke coke was low, and the low sulfur calcined coke recarburizer was shipped under pressure. .

Related guidance:
[Use of graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer] When smelting in cupola furnace, the amount of pig iron charge is minimized, and graphite carbonizer is used to ensure high carbon equivalent and relatively increase the amount of scrap. Thus, under the conditions of high-temperature melting, carbon with good activity and more remarkable graphitization can be obtained by carburizing. The shape of graphite is better reflected on the casting, which is beneficial to improve the mechanical properties of the casting, reduce the tendency of shrinkage and improve the processing performance.

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