How to improve the absorption rate of graphitized petroleum coke in furnace

“How to improve the absorption rate of graphite recarburizer in medium frequency furnace?” In the middle frequency furnace smelting, the amount of pig iron charge should be reduced as much as possible, and the recarburizer should be used to ensure high carbon and relatively increase the amount of scrap. In order to further improve the application of graphitized recarburizer in the intermediate frequency furnace and improve the absorption rate, we should also understand some knowledge of the first pass. [Graphite Recarburizer Manufacturer Foshan Yoshida Carbon Material Co., Ltd. mainly produces calcined post-focus recarburizer and graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer]

Under the conditions of high-temperature melting, carbon with good activity and more remarkable graphitization can be obtained by carburizing. The shape of the graphite is better reflected on the casting, which is beneficial to improve the mechanical properties, reduce the tendency of shrinkage, and improve the processing performance. In the electric furnace smelting, the high-quality molten iron is obtained by carburizing by the low iron content or even the zero amount. In terms of material properties, the large proportion of pig iron used in the past has a lower mechanical properties than the same amount of high scrap.

Therefore, the new process of smelting with a graphite recarburizer is superior to the conventionally large proportion of pig iron in terms of cost and finished product performance. Graphitized recarburizer manufacturers have learned that with the promotion and application of recarburizers, graphitized recarburizers have played a certain role in the production of different castings. Graphite recarburizer is suitable for ball milled cast iron with high product quality and sulfur content. The effect and comprehensive cost of coal quality recarburizer are not cost-effective. The method of increasing the absorption rate of recarburizer in intermediate frequency furnace is what?

1. When selecting a recarburizer, it is better to choose a carbonaceous agent with moderate particle size and high density, preferably a graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer. Because the carbonization agent is denser and the larger the particle size, the more difficult it is to absorb. Compared with the power frequency furnace, the intermediate frequency furnace heats up too fast, and the absorption rate of the petroleum coke recarburizer in the intermediate frequency furnace is lower, in order to achieve the recarburizer. Higher absorption rate, avoiding long-term high temperature oxidation of the recarburizer, the power in the early stage should be small enough to prolong the heating time of the graphitized recarburizer to increase the absorption rate.

2. Further increase the efficiency by mechanical agitation and manual stirring when necessary. Due to the poor mixing ability of the intermediate frequency furnace, it should also assist the appropriate manual mixing. For example, the use of transfer bag pouring iron to promote the dissolution and diffusion of the recarburizer enhances the absorption rate. The specific gravity of the recarburizer is small, and manual agitation can reduce the recarburizer floating on the surface. When it is burnt, the stirring can also reduce the carbonation holding time and shorten the production cycle. However, if the stirring time is too long, the recarburizer will be burned seriously, so the proper feeding process and melting power also play an important role in the absorption of the recarburizer.

3. A reasonable method of joining, can not blindly join in one time. In order to avoid slow smelting and heating time, scrap steel and graphite recarburizer are added in batches during the batching process. The melting time of each batch is about 15 minutes. In the early stage of the chemical, lower power is used to avoid excessive temperature. After burning, it is expected to heat up quickly after the molten iron paste. For example, a total of 100KG of recarburizer should be added, and 50KG+30KG+20KG should be added to avoid the large-scale addition of the recarburizer to the surface of the molten iron. It can not be effectively combined with the molten iron and the temperature is too high to cause burning. The damage is serious, and the amount of the last addition should be relatively small, avoiding the addition of a recarburizing agent to the molten iron in large quantities, resulting in incomplete absorption of graphite recarburizer in the molten iron and production delay.

Steelmaking basically uses coal-based recarburizers. Although the content of fixed carbon is low and sulfur is high, the melting point of coal-based recarburizer is high, the temperature of cast steel is high, and the absorption rate of coal is low. However, the burning loss is small, and the effect is not worse than that of graphitization. In summary, the method of adding the charge is preferably the addition of carbon to the ingredients, and the graphitized recarburizer and the scrap are added in batches at the same time, and the last addition is increased. The amount of carbon should be as small as possible.

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