Why use the graphitized petroleum coke in casting of steel or iron?

In the process of steelmaking and casting, due to various reasons, will cause the carbon content in steel or iron not reached the expected requirement, then need to add the carbon into steel or iron liquid, so the carbon additive/recarburizer quality determines the quality of molten iron, in short, carbon additive play a decisive role.
There are many kinds of carbon additives, but why should Graphitized petroleum coke be popularized in casting electric furnace smelting?
Because sheet arrangement of carbon atoms can become graphite core, so as to promote the graphitization, and after high temperature graphitization of petroleum coke, the carbon atoms from the original arranged into sheet arrangement, at the same time through high temperature graphitization treatment, the sulfur content become the sulfur dioxide and fade away, so the high quality graphitized petroleum coke the low sulfur, generally less than 0.05%, better even less than 0.03%. If recarburizer without high temperature graphitization treatment, the graphitization ability is abate, even the same weight of carburant, but the result is not completely
The same.
The graphitized petroleum coke from Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co.,LTD is through more than 3000 degrees high temperature graphitization, fixed carbon in more than 98.5%, sulfur content less than 0.03%, nitrogen is less than 300 PPMM, absorption rate about 95%, and well received by the customers in the market.

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