What specifications of calcined petroleum coke(recarburizer) and what to used for?

The recarburizer contains: fixed carbon, moisture, ash, volatile matter, sulfur, nitrogen, and so on. Different types of recarburizers with certain different content.

Calcined petroleum coke recarburizer is widely used in many industries. Calcined petroleum coke recarburizer can be used in steel making, iron making, ordinary casting and other industries; calcined petroleum coke recarburizer can also be used to make brake discs on casting, Crankshaft, brake pads, etc.

Graphitized petroleum coke also widely used in industry for metallurgy, casting, precision casting as a recarburizer, for the production of high temperature smelting, lubricants for the mechanical industry, making electrodes and pencil lead, widely used Advanced refractory materials and coatings for the metallurgical industry, stabilizers for military industrial pyrotechnic materials, pencil cores for light industry, carbon brushes for the electrical industry, electrodes for the battery industry, catalysts for fertilizer industries, etc.


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