20181019 China Recarburizer price market overview this week

20181019 This week, the mainstream price of China's Recarburizer market is stable, the low-grade Recarburizer market is generally trading, the company's inventory is high, and the medium and high Recarburizer market is better. The heating season is just around the corner, the downstream steel mill's production restriction policy is clear, the company's operating rate is low, and the receiving sentiment is relatively dull. The Rebondurizer market price is generally stable and the possibility of deposit and loss is high. The prices of raw materials in the medium and high-grade Recarburizer market were generally raised after the holiday, and the cost pressure of production enterprises increased. However, due to the limited acceptance of the downstream market, the company's quotation has not been raised.

At present, the main materials of Recarburizer are coal and petroleum coke. The petroleum coke is divided into ordinary calcined Recarburizer and graphitized Recarburizer because of the degree of calcination. After years of tempering in the market, the petroleum coke Recarburizer has gradually replaced the market position of coal-based Recarburizer, and the shipment volume is relatively high.

Calcined Recarburizer:
This week, the mainstream price of China's general calcined Recarburizer market remained stable, and the overall market shipments were generally due to the general consumption of downstream steel mills, and the demand was relatively light. Most of the recalcinated Recarburizer manufacturers are electric calcined anthracite enterprises, self-produced screening, and the environmental protection facilities of the local enterprises in the main producing area are undergoing the inspection and acceptance of environmental protection facilities. If the enterprises fail to meet the standards or restrict production, the market starts will be limited. The production of enterprises in North China is normal, but the reaction starts low, the market is generally trading, and the enterprises have inventory.

Downstream: China's construction steel prices are trading strongly this week. Recently, in the environmentally-friendly production and the leading regions, the stock market digested and enlarged, coupled with the decrease in the shipments of the leading steel mills, the stronger willingness to price, and the support of the construction steel market continued to rise. It is understood that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that all localities should take effective measures to speed up the progress of construction, increase the construction of supporting infrastructure for sheds, and the terminal demand is still acceptable. However, as the price gradually increases, the terminal transaction will gradually decrease, and the market risk preference will be lower. The high price of the willingness to accept is relatively limited, which is not conducive to the sharp rise in prices. Coupled with the recent snail and steel billet red and green intertwined, resulting in a turbulent mentality in the building materials market, traders are cautious, and the atmosphere is strong. Market outlook: It is expected that the short-term building materials market will fluctuate and strengthen, with a range of 50 yuan/ton.

Calcined Petroleum Coke recarburizer:
This week, the price of China's calcined coke Recarburizer is stable, the raw material price is high, and the production cost of the enterprise is high. However, in view of the environmental impact of the downstream enterprises, the low-level operation, the demand for Recarburizer is relatively stable, the market is generally trading, the late heating season is coming, the calcined coke Prices may fluctuate due to limited production, etc., affecting Recarburizer shipments, or will benefit other quality Recarburizer.

Medium and high sulfur calcined coke: This week, the medium and high sulfur calcined coke market was generally trading, the shipment was stable, the market was slightly weak, and the price of the coke was not adjusted. In terms of production, the production load of Zhaoxing carbon is increasing, and individual enterprises in Shandong Guangrao are not expected to reduce production. It is understood that the impact of this winter's limited production policy on calcined coke enterprises will be less than expected. A new carbon-fired enterprise in Shandong is expected to ignite four new calciners at the end of this month, and the monthly output is expected to increase by about 20,000 tons. There is no inventory backlog, and there is no pressure on the trading market of calcined coke. However, at the same time, after the production load of the enterprise is increased, coupled with the recent poor performance of the aluminum market, the price of domestic medium and high sulfur calcined coke at the end of the month is still at a downward risk, and the estimated range is about 50 yuan/ton. .

Graphitized petroleum coke Recarburizer:
This week, the price of China's graphitized petroleum coke Recarburizer is stable. The price of raw material petroleum coke is stable and the price is high. The pressure on the production cost of Recarburizer is increasing. Among them, the production of individual enterprises in Henan and Xinjiang was suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate fell. In addition, the graphitization enterprises of anode materials in the market will start construction in the second half of the year, and the output will be released. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province have normal production, good shipments and smooth exports.

Late prediction: The general market for recarburization of Recarburizer is currently trading, and the stock of enterprises is higher, but the price of raw materials for electric calcination may be lower due to limited production, which stimulates the price of Recarburizer; the price of calcined coke and graphitized Recarburizer is driven by cost. The pressure is increasing, and the price push is stronger.

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