20181026 China's calcined petroleum coke week overview

Low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke: 20181026 This week, the market price of low-sulfur calcined coke continued to push up. The inventory of various production enterprises was mostly in the middle and low position. Secondly, the operating rate of downstream graphite electrode enterprises increased, and the purchase volume of low-sulfur calcined coke increased slightly.

The low-sulfur calcination of raw materials in Liaoning has improved this week. The inventory of the company has decreased in the early period. The downstream electrode enterprises have started to purchase actively. The market resources of needle-shaped coke have decreased and the price has pushed up and the Fushun calcined coke market has been traded. This week, the market for low-sulphur screening with calcined coke was stable, and the downstream market was on-demand, with less inventory pressure. This week, the operating rate of Huizhou Petrochemical is still not 50%, the inventory is low, and the downstream receiving is positive.

Medium and high sulfur calcined coke: 20181026 This week, the market of high sulfur calcined coke was stable, and the market price of calcined coke in the market with a sulfur content of 1.5% was increased recently. In terms of production, this week's calcined coke enterprises started to fluctuate less, most of them are under normal production. Shandong Rotary Kiln has been ignited on October 22, and it is expected to be produced in early November. 250,000 tons/year of calcination is currently on the desulfurization equipment. It is expected to be ignited during the year; it is expected that the calcined coke will be out of focus in mid-November; the current calcined coke has been produced normally, with a sulfur content of 3.0% and sales within 2.5%.

As of 20181026, the domestic Shandong market sulfur 3.5% trace elements do not require calcination coke mainstream transaction price acceptance ** yuan / ton; sulfur 3.0% trace elements no requirement for calcined coke mainstream acceptance transactions ** yuan / ton; only require vanadium 400, other The micro-unrequired medium sulfur calcined coke factory mainstream transaction acceptance price ** yuan / ton; all trace elements are required within 300, sulfur content within 2.0% of the calcined coke factory price ** yuan / ton. Export high-end (strict elements of trace elements) indicators of calcined coke prices need to negotiate with the company.

The market outlook: medium and high sulfur calcined coke, it is understood that the recent demand for calcined coke is good, the calcined coke within the vanadium 400 due to rising raw material prices, profit margins, but some customers responded to recent shipments in general, so it is predicted that the price of domestic calcined coke will be next week Still based on stability. The market demand for low-sulfur calcined coke is still good. At present, most enterprises maintain low stocks. It is expected that the price of calcined petroleum coke will continue to strengthen in the short term.

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