20181028 China's carbon increaser price market overview this week

20181028 This week, China's carbon-reducing agent market was stable, and the low-grade recarburizer market was affected by the weak downstream trend. The price was difficult to break through, and the inventory of individual enterprises was high. The medium and high grade recarburizers were raised by the price of raw petroleum coke. Impact, corporate cost pressures increase, but limited by downstream acceptance, the price increase process is more difficult to promote, some companies raise prices, mainstream prices rose. Near the heating season, local production restrictions policies are clear, Jiangsu, Hebei, Tianjin and other places have been introduced one after another, production enterprises may be limited or not, and downstream operations have been maintained at low levels.

General calcined coal recarburizer:
This week, the mainstream price of China's general calcined recarburizer market is stable, and the market is generally trading. Downstream enterprises are affected by many factors such as environmental protection and market. The general conditions of operation are relatively stable, the demand side is relatively stable, the downstream receiving mentality is weak, the market price is stable, and there is a downward intention. Production: Ningxia area in the main producing area is currently in normal production, enterprises have more inventory, environmental inspection and acceptance work is in progress, subject to environmental protection strict inspection of the heating season, heavy pollution weather control, market start-up may be limited, stimulating prices. The production of enterprises in North China is normal, but the reaction starts low, the market is generally trading, and the enterprises have inventory.

Downstream: Domestic construction steel prices have risen slightly this week. Weekly inventory decreased significantly, and the steel billet pulled up, and the supply and demand pattern still supported the market. It is learned from the market that the market price has basically maintained an upward trend in the first three days of this week. However, as the snails fell, the trading volume began to fall, and the market mentality returned to the sidelines. "Silver 10" has been more than half. So far, the work before the heating season has not yet fully started, and the market is still based on shock operation. Considering comprehensively, it is expected that the short-term building materials market will rise slightly, within the range of 50 yuan.

Calcined coke recarburizer:
This week, the mainstream price of China's calcined coke market is stable, the price of raw materials is rising, and the production cost of enterprises is high. However, in view of the environmental impact of downstream enterprises, the low starting price, the demand for carbon-reducing agents is relatively stable, and the market is generally trading, but it is subject to cost pressure. Driven, individual companies offer up. Medium-high sulfur calcined coke: This week, the market for high-sulfur calcination coke was stable, and the market price of calcined coke in the market with a sulfur content of 1.5% was increased recently. In terms of production, this week's calcined coke enterprises started to fluctuate less, and most of them are under normal production.

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer:
This week, the market price of China's graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer increased. Mainly due to the rising price of raw material petroleum coke, the price is high, and the pressure on the production cost of recarburizer is increasing. Among them, the production of individual enterprises in Henan and Xinjiang was suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate declined. The enterprises in Jiangsu, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia started to work stably, but the heating season policy was released one after another, and the market heating season may be limited. In addition, the graphitization enterprises of anode materials in the market started to work one after another, and the output was released. Graphitization and recarburizers are highly concentrated in Inner Mongolia. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province have normal production, good shipments and smooth exports.

Forecast: The market for low-grade recarburizers is temporarily stable, and the market needs to consume inventory. Enterprises mainly rely on the implementation of fixed orders. The medium and high grade recarburizer market enterprises may start to work or will be limited. In addition, the raw material prices are high. Even if the downstream acceptance is weak, the cost pressure will push the market price to rise.

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