What is the price of Calcined Petroleum Coke or Graphitized Petroleum Coke from China?

The recarburizers based on petroleum coke mainly include carbon 98 calcined petroleum coke recarburizer and carbon 99.5 graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer. The price difference between the two recarburizers is relatively large, and some customers need a compromise choice. There is a semi-graphite recarburizer. Different recarburizers vary in price depending on the carbon and sulfur content. Customers in need can contact the latest recarburizer prices.

Foshan Jitian Foundry Materials Co., Ltd. also supplies the above three kinds of recarburizers. The specific indicators are as follows:

Carbon 98 calcined petroleum coke recarburizer:
Fixed carbon ≥98 Indirect carbonization method Q/HSLHHZSH 1001-2017
True density / g / cm3 ≥ 2.03 YS / T 587.9
Powder resistivity / uΩ. m ≤600 YS/T 587.6
Ash/%(m/m) ≤0.28 YS/T 587.1
Sulfur content /% (m / m) ≤ 0.7 GB / T 214
Moisture (customer requirements) /% (m / m) ≤ 0.5 YS / T 587.2
Particle size Remarks: 0-1mm 0-2mm 1-3mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)
Carbon 99.5 Graphitized Petcoke Recarburizer:
Moisture (Mad) /% ≤0.5 GB/T211-2007
Ash (A)/% ≤0.8 GB/T212-2008
Volatile matter (V) /% ≤ 0.8 GB/T212-2008
Fixed carbon (FC) /% ≥98.5 Indirect carbonization method GB/T212-2008
Nitrogen (N) /% ≤0.03 Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer GB/T214-2007
Sulfur (SI) /% ≤0.05 sulfur analyzer GB/T30733-2014
Particle size Remarks: 0-2mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)
Carbonized semi-graphitized Petcoke carbonizer:
Moisture (Mad) /% ≤0.5 GB/T211-2007
Ash (A)/% ≤0.8 GB/T212-2008
Volatile matter (V) /% ≤ 0.8 GB/T212-2008
Fixed carbon (FC) /% ≥ 98 indirect carbonization method GB/T212-2008
Nitrogen (N) /% ≤ 0.2 Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer GB/T214-2007
Sulfur (SI) /% ≤0.3 sulfur analyzer GB/T30733-2014
Particle size Remarks: 0-1mm 0-2mm 0-3mm 0.5-2mm 2-8mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

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