20181115 China's petroleum coke market remains stable and calcined coke for aluminum...

On Thursday (November 15), the petroleum coke market remained stable for a short period of time. The calcined coke recarburizer was still trading, the anode material and the graphitization coke demand were good, and the aluminum calcined coke was unsatisfactory.

The three major groups of petroleum coke market:
In terms of Sinopec, the trading performance of the petroleum coke market was stable today. The downstream aluminum spot price of the Yangtze River was below the fourteenth consecutive month. In the winter, most aluminum companies have higher cost and no profit margin due to the price of electricity. Some aluminum enterprises in Qinghai have begun to cut production. The market for raw petroleum coke and calcined coke is a negative factor. Most of Sinopec's refineries have recently shipped well, and there is no pressure on inventory. In the case of CNPC and CNOOC, the petroleum coke market in the northwest region still has no pressure and good demand. The petroleum coke market in Northeast China has performed steadily. The downstream calcined coke recarburizer is still trading. The demand for anode materials and graphitization coke is good. Short-term coke prices will also be stable.

Refining petroleum coke:
Today, the refinery of petroleum coke shipments is still stable. Petrochemicals are about to start with a set of 1 million tons/year coking. Today, the price of coke is down by 20 yuan/ton. The price of coke in the first two days has risen too fast, and today it has fallen by 100 yuan/ Tons; petrochemical petroleum coke content decreased to less than 1.0%, today's latest offer 2150 yuan / ton; in addition, petrochemical petroleum coke began to take off today, sulfur content of 2.0%, pricing 1,800 yuan / ton. Overall, the refinery of petroleum coke shipments has slowed slightly.

Calcined coke market:
Shandong Industry and Trade recently produced all the raw materials for calcined coke, and the calcined coke content of new materials was reduced to 2.5%. Recently, domestic aluminum calcined coke shipments are still poor.

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