Graphitized Petroleum Coke For Iron Foundry with low sulphur as Recarburizer

Name: Recarburizer / Carbon Additive

(1) Graphitized petroleum coke (high carbon & low S 0.05%)

(2) Semi Graphitized petroleum coke (high carbon & medium S 0.3%)

Fixed Carbon(%):98.5
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8
We manufacture different size, like 0-1mm 1-5mm, 8-30mm

And we also supply the semi graphitizec petroleum coke with the specifications as below:

Fixed Carbon(%):98
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8 

Size: 0-1mm, 05-1mm, 0-3mm, 1-3mm
the different with the graphitized petroleum coke is the fixed carbon, sulphur and nitrogen.

Acting as the inoculant and carburizer, it's widely used in the special steel smelting and precision casting process, especially meeting the requirement of high quality product and strict control of sulfur content in the ductile iron and grey iron casting industry.

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