Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co.,Ltd. manufacture the Graphitized Petroleum Coke with the specifications as below:

Fixed Carbon(%):98.5
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8
We manufacture different size, like 1-5mm, 8-30mm

And we also supply the semi graphitizec petroleum coke with the specifications as below:

Fixed Carbon(%):98
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8
the different with the graphitized petroleum coke is the fixed carbon, sulphur and nitrogen.

The graphitized recarburizer is a graphitized petroleum coke, which processes the petroleum coke into a graphite by high temperature. This process is the energization of the petroleum coke and then the high temperature of 3000 degrees, so that the carbon molecular form of the petroleum coke is changed from an irregular arrangement. In a manner of evenly arranging the hexagonal squares, other impurities in the petroleum coke are also volatilized through this process, thereby obtaining graphitized petroleum coke having higher carbon purity and lower sulfur, and the petroleum coke can be better decomposed in the molten iron. in.

SGS report Low Sulphur Calcined Petroleum Coke 1-3mm

Date: March 07, 2016

Moisture: 0.31%

Ash: 0.67%

Volatile Matter: 1.03%

Fixed Carbon: 98.00%

Sulphur: 0.08%

1.Steel Foundry: carburant/graphite electrode/refractory material
2.Industry Field: brake pad/seal ring/friction plate/heat exchanger/lubricity
3.Battery Production: alkaline battery cathode/lithium ion battery cathode
4.Metallurgy:casting for glass production/graphite crucible/ anodes for the aluminium, titanium smelting industry
5.Others:glass sheet/pencil lead/clay bricks/conductive coating

Published in 2016

SGS report Low Sulphur high carbon Calcined Petroleum Coke 1-3mm

Date: March 02, 2016

Ash: 0.14%

Volatile Matter: 0.70%

Fixed Carbon: 99.02%

Sulphur: 0.30%

1.Using the Calcined petroleum coke can make the most of the scrap steel and reduce using the pig iron. The content of carbon is very high. Its color is black. And using Calcined petroleum coke can decrease the impurities of pig iron.
2.In the process of smelting, adding the Calcined petroleum coke into liquid steel can make carbon in the steel meet the desired requirements. The use of Calcined petroleum coke can reduce the cost of casting iron.

Published in 2016