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Calcined Petroleum Coke 1-10mm

Date: December 05, 2015

Moisture: 0.1%

Ash: 0.61%

Volatile Matter: 0.74%

Fixed Carbon: 98.55%

Sulphur: 0.57%

Hydrogen: 0.09%

High calorific power: 32.8 MJ/KG

Low calorific power: 32.78MJ/KG

Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC) is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 2,500-3,500°C. As a high-purity carbon material, it has characteristics of high fixed carbon content, low sulfur, low ash, low porosity etc.It can be used as carbon raiser ( Recarburizer ) to produce high quality steel, cast iron and alloy.It can also be used in plastic and rubber as an additive.
SGS test Calcined Petroleum Coke 1-5mm
Date: October 15, 2015
Moisture: 0.1%
Ash: 0.54%
Volatile Matter: 0.80%
Fixed Carbon: 98.58%
Sulphur: 0.54%
V: 0.003
Ni: 0.019
Si: 0.021
Fe: 0.038
Na: 0.009
Ca: 0.103
Calcined Petroleum Coke is mainly used for metallurgy & foundry, it can improve the carbon content in steel-melting and casting, Also it can increase the quantity of scrap steel and reduce the quantity of pig iron, or use no scrap iron at all. It's also can be used for brake pedal and friction material.

SGS test report Low Nitrogen Calcined Petroleum Coke 1-6mm
Date: October 03, 2015
Ash: 1.07%
Volatile Matter: 0.75%
Fixed Carbon: 98.18%
Sulphur: 0.20%
Nitrogen: 0.05%

Calcined Petroleum Coke is widely used to produce graphite electrode, graphite blocks, brakes pads and other carbon products. it can also be used as carbon additive in some steel and aluminum plants, another, it is used in refractory, insulation, filler,etc.

Low Nitrogen Calcined Petroleum Coke specification 0-3mm
Date: September 22, 2015
Moisture: 0.06%
Ash: 0.94%
Volatile Matter: 0.89%
Fixed Carbon: 98.11%
Sulphur: 0.19%
Nitrogen: 0.04%

Calcined petroleum coke is a high purity carbon material produced by heating green petroleum coke to drive off moisture, volatile matter, and impurities and to increase its electrical conductivity. Foshan Yoshida Casting Material Co., Ltd. is a carbon material comprehensive industrial company integrating R & D, production and sales, and the main products are calcined petroleum coke, graphited petcoke and other carbon additive products. Our company was founded in November 2012, with strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, senior engineers and various professional workers.

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