July 17, 2018 SGS test report Graphitized Petroleum Coke 0-3mm Recarburizer

Graphitized Petroleum Coke 0-3mm Recarburizer

Date: July 17, 2018

Moisture: 0.10%

Ash: 0.78%

Volatile Matter: 0.73%

Fixed Carbon: 98.39%

Sulphur: 0.18%

Nitrogen: 0.03%

Graphitized Petroleum Coke(GPC) is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 2,500-3,500°C. As a high-purity carbon material, it has characteristics of high fixed carbon content, low sulfur, low ash, low porosity etc.It can be used as carbon raiser ( Recarburizer ) to produce high quality steel, cast iron and alloy.It can also be used in plastic and rubber as an additive.

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